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Raphael Raymond Bar-On
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Hello to all of you
I hate speeches - but my father loved
So for his honor - few words
Yor death come without any warning- you just celebrated Saturday Eilat a vacation with my sons - and the birthday of your friends Michael and Vera, and suddenly it was all over in seconds yesterday morning.
You had interesting and fruitful life - actively participated in building Israel, in the development of the Bureau of Census, bringing the first computer to Israel, open skies to chartered tourism and so on, you even received a letter of appointment signed by Ben-Gurion.
You worked in many organizations in Jerusalem and Ramat Hasharon, acted in passing on the Cambridge heritage to future generations and fought your way and faith for peace.
You creating a family in Israel, unfortunately most of them have been lost over the years:  my mother Yocheved in 1977, Salomit in 2008 Dennis in 2012 and Hugh two months ago.
Despite the constraints of age, you know how to enjoy life, travel all over the world and coming back to London and the campus in Cambridge.
You have opened a new life: for 37 years Judith Baram was by your side and a second mother to me and as a grandmother to my children.
My Children will remember the lessons of history you gave them, Enigma and legacy of Churchill, and most importantly: how to peel an apple!
You lived a long beautiful and meaningful life and have not suffered even for a minute, that's what matters!
Thank you to everyone who came today, I wish you and your family health and long life
Dudy and all the Bar-Ons

Dear grandfather
You did not answer my email yesterday.
We wrote you what a great time last weekend. We had fun with you at the Seder. Then you were gone too fast! And to think that only few days ago  we were laughing that you will reach the age of 100 and you will celebrate with the Queen,  We learned how learning is important, and you've done everything to make this happen. You sat with us on English every opportunity, and bought us a whole library of books at all levels.
We will remember the conversations with you every Friday, the laughter, the peaceful life, the wisdom of life, the joint meetings where we talked about everything. Let us remember the apple and knife, napkin, arranging cutlery properly, and the saying" if you want to know English you have to read English"
We are proud of you, for what you did for us and for what you believed in
Love you always and we remember with pride to your family and grandchildren

Dear Dudy,

I am very sorry for your loss. I am sorry that raymond died so suddenly. You have always been so very caring to him. I am pleased that one branch of our family (Oliva and Tessa) could be there.
I'll miss his visits to London very much, we always had a party for him we came and always enjoyed them.
Lots of love
Yvonne x

hi Dudy
Olivia told me this morning about Raymond's death and I know she is going to see you soon.
Steven and I saw Raymond in Tel Aviv in February and he was in really good spirits.
We were all so fond of him and know what a hole his death with leave in your and your families lives.
We send you all our love and wish you a long and healthy life and please send our very best wishes to Yehudit and her family.
Leo, Steven and family xxx

Dear Dudy
I was so so sorry to hear about Raymond's death. I understand that he had just had a lovely holiday with you. I have so many very fond memories of him and I am glad I saw him at his last visit.
Leo and I will be in Israel in May and hope to see you then
Wishing you and all your family a long life
With love

Dear Dudi and family
David and I were so sorry to learn that your father had died.  He was the last of a very special tribe.  But we were pleased for him that it was so quick and unforeseen: no time to be afraid or to suffer.  That is a wonderful gift.  It must, however, have been a great shock to you and to Yehudit: you had no time to prepare yourselves for the inevitable.  We are glad that he came over this year and joined us for Josh's birthday.  It gives us some happy recent memories of him.
Please pass on our deepest condolences to Yehudit.
We wish you long life
and love
from Wendy

Dear Dudy,
I was so sorry to hear the news. Your father was such a kind, intelligent, enquiring and supportive person. I was so glad to see him on his recent trips to London with you last March and his beloved grand-sons in September. I was also so pleased to receive his many and varied emails packed with interesting content and ideas and to exchange news – he was very encouraging to me about my work and always had interesting things to say about my films. He was a model uncle – full of warmth, interest and rich in advice and memories.
It is sad to think that remarkable generation of three boys is now gone. But we can console ourselves at how well and fully they lived their lives and how much they contributed to society.
I’m sorry I can’t join you as you sit shiva. Monica, Hannah and Ella join me in sending our condolences. Our thoughts are with you, Yehudit and the rest of the family.
May the Almighty comfort you among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.
Archie Baron

Dear Dudy
I am so sorry to hear of your Father's passing.  I am so pleased that we saw him in London in September when he attended Josh's birthday dinner.  Josh and Zac are very sad too as they so enjoyed seeing him.  Please pass on my condolences to Yehudit and to all your family.  
Love Susannah, Aaron, Zac and Josh

Dear David / Dudy,
My mum Joy Caplin (nee Silman) forwarded me your email. I am very sorry to hear that your father passed away yesterday. Raymond and your sons looks very happy in the photo you sent.
Kind regards,

Dear Yehudit, Dudy and family.
I am deeply saddened to hear the news of Raymond's sudden death and am writing this still in a state of shock.
He was a very dear man and,  of all the family in Israel, I felt particularly close to him.
He was always generous with his time when I was there, concerned for my well-being and a valued cousin and friend. He did not act out of duty but out of a real belief in the importance of family and of wanting to help and care.
I first went to Israel in my teens in 1969 and I still recall how on that first visit he took me on the brief night patrol that he did in Bet Hakerem, obviously to illustrate in a very minor way what Jews in Israel were having to contend with. This evolved later into lengthy political discussions whenever we met - he always with a healthy dose of optimism- and in recent years we exchanged many e-mails, mainly with me haranguing him about issues in Israel and he  wanting me to acquire a more balanced view of things. I don't think I have - but I would tell him that I knew he was "one of the good guys!"
Whenever I was in Israel we would meet, when Shlomit was alive often at one of the beach restaurants in Tel Aviv, in later years for a meal in or around Jaffa or Ramat Hasharon.
I know, of course, only a little of the very sad times in his life but when I was together with him and Shlomit it was obvious that he was a loving and devoted father who wanted to do anything and everything to help. He also had the courage to  talk of difficult situations and was therefore able to advise and encourage me when I told him of my own moments of depression.
I also after my own father's death had a long-running battle with a more distant branch of the family in Israel.  I told Raymond what was happening and immediately he offered practical help.  I still recall him saying - they won't dare bully me like they are doing to you. I declined for the best of reasons his help but it was still a welcome act of generosity.
We also, of course, met whenever he was in London (he always liked to go to the theatre) and  gave me one particularly interesting day out, when he took me round his college in Cambridge and then to the Fitzwilliam Museum in the afternoon.  He also went out of his way to remain in touch with my Mother, always phoning her when he was over here.
His devotion to Israel and his contribution to the development of the country is well known and I am sure something that you view with great pride.  I know he was also a deeply caring,  loving  and proud father and grandfather and greatly valued his life with Yehudit.
I am glad I was able to see him twice recently in London and particularly enjoyed the meal with you, Dudy, and your son.
Your family has lost a wonderful man.  I have lost a dear cousin and friend.
With love and my best wishes for a long life.

Shalom Dudy,
Liz forwarded your email on to us in Brazil. We were so sorry to hear the news of Raymond's passing away although we were relieved to hear that it was in a painless and peaceful way.
It is a shame we haven't been able to visit Israel in the last years and didn't manage to see your father again personally. 
I have many fond memories of him, how welcoming he always was when we visited and then moved to Israel, how much pride he had in the new State of Israel and the values which he believed it set out to uphold. I am sorry he was not alive to see a change in the current political situation and live in more peaceful and comprehensive times. 
I thank him for all the updates and information he sent to us over the years, keeping us in touch with some of the news from Israel, and his open invitation to always come and visit.
We wish you and your family a long life,
Please pass on our condolences to Yehudit as well and say to her that her granddaughter is welcome to visit us in Brazil.
Naomi, Ricardo + family 









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